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Stabole collaborates with the textile designer Gaia di Paola

Stabole, the real vision

Stabole is an independent bags design studio who set out to build a brand with substance and truth. We believe that to be relevant, the design needs to be personal, simple and long lasting. Our collection takes the tradition of true Italian craftsmanship and joins it with experimentation and design. It’s here that unusual and precious materials inspire intense suggestions enabling us to create handbags and accessories ensuring the combination of dynamic lines and volumes, colours and materials.
The new Stabole collection is made in collaboration with the London based textile designer Gaia di Paola. Every bag of this collection is a unique piece of art, exclusive and numerated, hand made in Italy, with a different range of fabrics, most of them antique, precious or hand dyed. For this reason, colours, texture and motive of fabric can vary considerably. The ornaments that embellish the collection are executed by using a variety of techniques such as painting, embroidering, stitching or applique, all rigorously hand made by Gaia.

The strength of Stabole is in search of a real object identity, in the project itself that is targeted by a keen eye for detail and materials. Our idea is to make a vision of “contemporary tradition” real, transforming it into something that everyone could appreciate and live in daily life. Bags for all those who really want something unique with a taste of tradition, and want to feel the sensation they are making a radical yet traditional choice. The final result of the painting and the embroidery can vary, as it is hand made.