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Our vision

The real vision

The strength of Stabole is in the search of a real object identity, the project itself is fuelled by a keen eye for detail, materials and the active involvement of buyers. Our goal is to make the vision of ‘contemporary tradition’ a reality, transforming it onto something that everyone can appreciate and live in daily life.

Stabole bags are for all those who really want something unique with a taste of tradition and want to feel that they are making a radical yet traditional choice. We design products without frills but with finishing that only a craftsman would be able to make coming in valuable soft, candid hides or in worn-out looking, smelling leather.

Contemporary craftmanship, timeless design.

Traditional Italian craftsmanship mixed with unusual and precious materials from experienced but avant-garde Tuscan tanneries.

Stabole represents a new form of the recovery of Italian tradition in its highest form of art: the craft of quality. The necessity to find the true identity of an object is suggested by the precious particulars hidden among the folds of the Roman streets, by the furrows in the expert hands that passed down the art from generation to generation.

Essential but creative. A functional line of bags characterised by a linear, soft and elegant design.

Pay for quality, not for a brand name. The new definition of ‘luxury’ should refer to brands that bring real added value to consumers, which offer a unique overview, an original concept that expresses the emotions, passion and inspiration of the designer who created it.